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pokemon go hack cheats pokeballs pokecoins new free stategu 2017


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hey there guys DJ Phil here back with another video so today we’re going to be revisiting the Pokemon go hack so what we’re going to be looking at today is how to actually use the app  .  sound silly  . If know  .  I’ve been using this for quite a while now so  . If wanted to share how to do the sniping how to catch all the pokemon gen2  .  all that kind of good stuff without getting banned so this is one definitely to pay attention to we’ve installed the hacked –   pokemon go hack generator no survey android ios  this  https://vk.com/topic-125842090_35275797 –   https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGoCheatsHackGeneratorbox/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf and https://twitter.com/i/moments/866307759234441217      version of the PO can go out via the two to help around  . If you need to go ahead  .  install that then follow the link down the description to my video there  .


you’ll be aight see how to install it so the way we’re going to be doing this is i’ve actually downloaded an additional app called popy snipers this one’s just available from the app store so you can go ahead  .  pick out from there so this gives us the coordinates that we need for all of the different pokemon in fact this is really helpful because in fact gives us all of the IV values as well so  . If you want to pick up a particularly good IV then that gives you that as well so that’s what we using  . If we go ahead  .  load up our pokemon go  .  you’ll see that I’ve got the hacked version here obviously so we’re in Union Square in America so pretty much every pony stop here as you can see is lured which is pretty nice  .  we’ve got a little joystick in the bottom here with our extra options at the top there so  .   . If want to run for a few tips  .  tricks i’ve picked up whilst using this first one is having the autorun feature turned on so what I’ve done is basically you get this get this going leave your phone plugged in overnight  .  the autorun feature will pick you up about 10 to 15 kilometers worth of the distance on eggs  .  that kind of stuff so it’s definitely well worth checking that one out  .  use now  . If you need to get distance on eggs so bear that in mind why would suggest oh  .  leave it at the wall pace rather than anything faster anything for us on that it won’t collect distance on your eggs  .  obviously we’ve got the teleport feature here as well so i’ll go ahead  .  show you how to use that now so what we ought to do is go into the pokey snipers app here we want to find the particular Pokemon we want to pick up let’s go with this 93 ime costly so you’ll notice there are some ads on this so obviously we need to just kinda wary about really  .  so you can kind of slide to the left there which gives you the longitude will go back into Pokemon here so the thing to bear in mind is keeping yourself at home so we’ll we’ll put the longitude in here I’ll show you how this works so you don’t get bad or anything like that we’ll slide the other way here we get all the red looks like that to get the latitude so we’ll pop in the latitude here so we just copy  .


paste it we want to make sure we choose this 20 this is how fast with your teleport to the particular location  .  i’ll just go ahead  .  click ok  .  just ignore this  .  click your move so you don’t want to touch anything wats this is loading it may take a little while just to load up the particular Pokemon that you’re trying to pick up obviously we’re using a pretty easy garc . If here  .  this might be obviously something a lot rarer so you just need to be patient here  .  just let this load up bear in mind the anomaly go teleport to like the other side of the world it’s going to be different time zone  .  all that kind of stuff so all you need to do is that is don’t click on any pokey scoffs don’t do anything so otherwise it’s going to register that you’re in that particular location so eventually I’d say mounting a few moments whilst we’re waiting for this  . If can sort of let you know  . If say this will just pop up eventually so here’s the glass see that we were looking for in feathers  . If you have a Pokemon there so we’ll go ahead  .  click on this ghastly that’s what we’re looking for  .  then before you touch anything we just want to click home or see this is now going to move this back home  .  now once you’ve done that you’ll be able to go ahead  .  catch the Pokemon so because it now things we’re back home  .  home is in Union Square that’s why this is going to work so this you’ll see once I’ve called this Pokemon we’ve got a first-time nice easy catch you’ll see that will be able to obviously this is a new account i’m using my the jesus on my main account for quite a while so  . If can definitely vouch for this method so you can see now we’re back here  .  just to kind of prove the point here let me just go ahead  .  pick up a pokey stop here just to show you that that’s that’s all good  .  that’s still working so what  . If suggest is obviously this will keep you in this location  .


If you want to actually tell up or back home at any point  . If would suggest that you catch everything you want to catch before you do that  .  then permanently move back home when you do that you’ll probably pick up a soft bone of about four hours  .  that’s it  .  then you’ll be able to start picking up a few stops  .  all that kind of this stuff again so  . If hope this video you enjoy guides  .  it helped you out obviously you can use this method to catch pretty much any person one you want  .  catch every single one as the focus knife as that fear is really going to help you out with that obviously there’s lots lee from pokemon here would be some rare ones  .  three h . If ivy ones as well with hundreds I’d be two things  . If you want it so  . If hope you guys enjoyed please hit the subscribe  . ton for more videos like this  .  i’ll see on the next one thanks for watching

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