hud3hanelbuilding Chinese Version

hud3hanelbuilding Chinese Version

hey if. i hey can. i cut a clip with a song will it work you you the campus what’s up.everybody meet the most shredded youtuber on the planet- fifty percent body yeah . i’m gonna pump it up like 20 minutes before you . came . . it was small . we’re cool as hell tongue . tank stir in the house let’s uh huh hon what are you doing hon naked bringing the can’t be some customers machine because the Batman Batmobile yeah that man’s big wheel there we go it’s a sick Michelle think I’ve ever used this before yeah .

i’m it’s huge everything looks like at all right shake it like your feet are like on the ground right ladies here but 017 ease for hun oh forget you show to press that. i got the writer .. i like yeah call machine. i had two wheels on . then. i squeeze I’ve learned the high road jairo hit that up her back there you go lifting there you go hey ok hey go squeeze it shreds negative body fat yeah honnestly turned into marshmallows.we’ve been working out since Wednesday non-stop today’s a d little day pick up to hire Poundstone heyo see taxes transformation video go . watch that this watch mark my words when he’s my age he’s gonna make me look like a little kid he’s nothing a little tiny. i shows you what consistency does great thanks sir yeah consistency well you got everything you got macros down consistency got your programming there be a beast man. i gotta show off 130s. i just saw some good yeah that’s a place up there for the youtubes if you won 70 s banner don’t we do the coal yeah such as hard pick up Thor’s hammer rip it there you go come on there you go there you go hey you go great champion there you go all right other are that even them out oh no that’s literally me yeah with a lighter that you how to attach a h.le to my back ah it’s not my face on it come on there you go CrossFit champion let’s see what you got. i think it’s one motion maybe 10.good back license there you go fire that shit up you go good core nice . tight that’s nice . neutral all right up there you go come on here comes Christmas there it is. i slow . controlled squeeze squeeze it nice remember this song comatose ah the memories yeah the memories.

i need this playlist damn the vascularity hashtag arm goals workout mal done . how’d you like the workout no it’s fun it’s fun Raven we get our pump on got a pump on a shrimp boil your shreds on yeah. i feel fat we just watched all right.we got Ravens white beater board we’re going to try this on for the first time seen it all over YouTube all right.just right here . then boom don’t wanna do this here at the job on the other side oh hey China whoa try to even out your left foot a little bit it’s lower yeah . then you you kind of move with your toes yeah.if you point your toes forward or down a little bit yeah you don’t you already have to do anything my arms oh that’s on the pads. i suami grill my mama Grail shut out battery exhausted broccoli brings out the strides you want muscles that waba grill you’re the size it’s like carbs to get the extra sauce in oh yeah 12 goodbye Lee’s cameras really appreciate that thanks for advice out you don’t know thanks for coming not seriously. thanks for everything that you ma burger was delicious as expected thank you Vegeta what does the scouter say about his power level its over 9000

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