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i want to do these last two wins together.we are that’s what’s happening this is a setup we’re using I’d use in a previous episode . got the first few wins . then. i grinded the rest out off camera . here we are back at it ten wins one loss this is a setup dark goblin setup is what we’re using we’re trying them out it’s that a zap bait setup just with a little twist out in the dark got one.let’s go into it let’s get these last ones let’s open up this classic challenge chefs . let’s see what we get . oops something tell you what. i can’t donate though Go Go can’t donate mega means. i need them sorry . sorry kings isl. cannot donate that’s the name of my clan by the way that . i’m in kings isl. check is out we’re normally fluctuating through top 10 top 15 local us.check us out . alright I’ve messed up what this guy did we’re going to go furnace the other side simply because. i messed up. i don’t know why he’s going to do we’ll just zap all this away . throw down this dark goblin to take out these we kind of mess that up . all honesty. i forgot how much damage that that guy did the lecturer wizard plus . i’m just a little resting a little tired got some crawfish in me yeah forgive me .. i gotta get a warm back up a price you down a ladder match before but whatever it is what it is we go up here with the skeleton army . of course he’s going to just get super lucky with that dog . knock it out.he’s come to the minor there were cool with that he does have zapped guy . just going to have to going to log this back what is up with the lag man we’re gonna put this ice golem in his face . we’re liking a little bit too too hards we’re gonna come in like this come in with minion horde nowadays app that . logs. i don’t think he has anything for the minion horde in all honesty.we’re going to zap all this down kill all them . we’re going to take out that tower that tower is done one push done oh my goodness is not done it’s.close oh.close that’s a log away how much is long to you how that’s the one fire spearhead way.that ours done again cool beans first tower down now we’re going to step first to go the other way you gave us a wool played with him a thanks because it was well played we know he’s going to have to be that looks pretty deep yeah that was deep.we’re gonna put the log down back here . man the lag is what’s killing us she took that Tower. i don’t know if . i’m blocking it was all. i don’t know if it’s shown that there’s lag on y’all’s in but . there is super lag on my side.lemme know what you’re saying we’re going to just go at him full force here . come at him like this bo yes zap all this because. i knew they’re going to be minions there take all that out clean up that lecture wizard . just do work man actually was a horrible time to put the dark goblin down but he’s gonna get some damage on that tower to come up here he’s gonna log one of those fire spirits we’re going to put them down. i didn’t do any real damage gun put this furnace over here gonna put these . because he likes own super along with that thing now .. i will put this right up here in his face put the dark goblin right up here . going with a log predicting something.we got that tower down to a 251 those fire spirits are going to clean up some stuff that’ll be good will zap all this . take that tire.that’s good game. i don’t think he’s going to come back he’s got three seconds we’ll give them a good game very well played that’s how to setup works you can put that dark goblin on the field in the middle there . he’ll just snipe that tower you know just get that chip damaged . that’s what this cycle setup is all about this is that bait setup it’s about the chip damage.he’s perfect for it 11 wins one loss let’s just knock out this last one . be done with this challenge . see what we get hopefully we get some dark goblins we gotta come up to tournament st.ard he’s still not there . he’s still doing this much work . it’s ridiculous try them out oh how fitting the jungle arena . we gotta get the last one in jungle Reena this is ridiculous. i think we’re going to against the exact same setup maybe. i don’t know if I’ll be the exact same one.he’s got that. i don’t want to address it because. i just don’t up with the ice call him down.