Clash Royale Hack Cheats Free Gems Doesnt work anymore

Clash Royale Hack Cheats Free Gems Doesnt work anymore

hey what’s going on . welcome back once again is be more super stoked to be here with you . today you want to know why go ahead ask no. i already asked what do. i mean go ahead . ask do you want to know why it’s a yes or no answer alright here’s what we’re doing we’re playing in a gr. challenge.

i was messing around. i lost a couple. i lost two cam two . four. i don’t don’t make fun of me check out the deck that reason well look at the top left that’s what . i’m talking about . Sparky who sees Fergie that much anymore honestly let’s be real. i don’t see Sparky that much anymore um but this is a 2.9 Sparky deck all right now. i want to show you . some replays we’re just gonna jump into them they’re hilarious . then we’re gonna see if we can keep it going . hopefully we don’t lose the last one but check this out alright.this one was actually on the ladder ..this one was on the ladder this one was not anti Gr. Challenge ..we’re going up against the level 12 you can see his next card the RG now my whole mindset with this deck is not using the Sparky offensively . it’s all about defense over here.all that defense for your boy ..that’s the whole goal the whole goal is to use Sparky defensively all right he’s gonna go ahead . send his minor over we’re gonna do some work against these mega minions bla bla bla bla bla again again . then watch this we’re gonna draw the barbs over Megaman he’s gonna go over help out still say on this right side which is cool . then work its way on up.

muhammad’ mirroring you ready for a Sparky. i don’t think you’re on. i really don’t. i don’t think that you ready for this part he’s got his princess down we’re gonna go ahead . just cycle right here again don’t know what he has quite yet uh . alright.that’s what you have check this out . i’m gonna log that away what’s good no you can use your zap. i mean that’s straight with me use your zap all you want to um because my Sparky is still going to get off a shot because he’s app . when he’s apt he was like oh. i should probably get some chow. i should probably get some tower damage as well by doing that he made my tower refocused look at this oh it’s beautiful drop off your barbarians. i dare you. i dare you to drop off your barbarians broke shredded oh my god didn’t sell Alerus but . when he zapped the tower he made my tower then refocus on the minions that were in front which were going to kill the Sparkie they would have killed the Sparkie thus leaving his royal China live a lot longer some mistake right there it’s not always about the damage . it’s not always about the damage with direct damage things like zap etc etc . if he hadn’t zapped the tower none of that would have happened because my Sparky would have died .. i wouldn’t have been able to push with the Hogs.that’s a whole goal on this guy’s get that hog pushed once once. i knew that he is barbarians . that that was his counter um then in my mind it was like. i say here’s what we’re gonna do we’re going to uh send all this off watch this.

i love doing this to miners just pushing them . then the miners like alright . I’ll change my target but then he stays there. i think you should follow that’s kind of weird to me um with a zap right here . a nice beer we get off a whole bunch of shots on that tower . then look what’s coming mr. Spock it was despite misses Bucky just distract right that was a little bit weird eyeball . but hey my whole goal right now is going down this left wing because it’s right lane it’s like yeah whatever you can have that . you can have that right lane trying to take all this out . get my hog down there . now it’s like . my dudes like like literally what are you gonna do what are you gonna do at this point you’re not gonna do anything because there’s a spark you this shredding the Sparky is shredding everything we got 2 mega minions over here we got 6 seconds left Sparky mega minion crap it’s gone what’s good good game right there from my man hey man.if people aren’t ready for Sparky’s then it’s just it they dominate they absolutely dominate all man King trav right here got a lot of respect for him you know. i look at his h. just look at it he’s rocking a giant skeleton the best card in the game my favorite card. i just wish you could be used a little bit more check this out oh this is a good first push right here we’ll go ahead . get our tombstone down . our hives . get that tower down real far . you know . i’m gonna have to do . i’m gonna have to show . i’m gonna have to show the Sparkie ah pretty early on am. i against it no . i’m totally fine with it check this out bah get him down go ahead . thankfully that bombs gonna go off right there.we can retarget right here uh we’ll go ahead . log. i think he’s gonna zap . then Sparky’s just kind of hanging out but look his cycle is.bad that he’s not gonna be able to do anything he can’t do anything if he he used too much his deck he had fire belches for he had the six Giants Kelly he had the four mini Pekka . then. i don’t remember what else he had it could have been the hog up in there but it was just like well man that sucks . i’m sorry.this point is kind of like I’ll switch lanes he’s doing the same he’s like alright he pretty much has that Lane down . i’m gonna go down the other side.. i’m just gonna drop off sparking in the back here . . get him up here get him a role in every know what . i’m saying because he he’s a beast it’s Sparky she wears it a robot two robots have genders. i don’t freaking know um.we can he’s gonna drop off a whole bunch of stuff up here the right sorry that was just a little little moment of speculation go ahead drop all this off princess going down taking that tower down just a little bit more um . we got our Sparky over here .. i probably shim iadapt right there but uh Sparky would’ve gotten to the tower. i believe but . i’m not too sure um.megameters gonna go over there finish that one up what’s up what’s up Sparky . what’s good look this cat he hasn’t touched my tower he hasn’t touched my tower . he has a hog rider he is a hog rider . he hasn’t touched my tower um now here’s the reason. i want y’all to see is because something all are gonna say that. i just be in with that frowny face the reason that. i did the frowny face was because. i dropped off my Sparky trying to counter his giant skeleton which would have been doing the whole time . he drop it off on the other wasn’t me being like oh look . i’m beating you um that it was generally if you can look at the context of stuff you can kind of figure out why why people do things but it’s the spam . it’s the thanks when you win that in my mind is a is the Sirius BM.we’re gonna go ahead send this off defend entirely entirely . nothing there was nothing that could have been done by him that entire time he didn’t even get it he didn’t even get he didn’t get a fireball or a zap on the tower . we’re gonna take it down right there gonna get my iPad up on it st. here make sure that stable yeah there we go alright am Strummer do a live one we go woo let’s get it oh gosh . i’m nervous ah . i’m nervous oh my gosh we’re playing Tiran what do we . i’m not gonna be too ran . could not even know who this guy is oh . that was loud alright.start for the tombstone Teran what you’re doing where you going man that’s a little bit unfortunate we’ll do this . this. i don’t know why. i just dropped him off but look if you go ahead . log right here at the beginning right when he hits it bomb you can take it out knock him back it up on chef there we go one shot one shot. i don’t know what he just zapped but hey . i’m down with it my man hey that guy come over here towards the tombstone yeah there we go oh gosh NYX calling me I’ll call them back . it’s like oh gosh I’ll call them back in a second um that just made me waste elixir Nick you’re making me waste elixir go ahead get this down now what would you see of a hog have we seen it. i don’t think we’ve seen the hog quite yet we’ll go mega minion back here um . let’s go ahead . gosh. i don’t know what to do we’ll go right here . we’ll go ahead . log he’ll get there first oh you didn’t get that first boat you nub what are you doing my dude. i was terrible that was terrible no no come over here come over here there we go that’s close that was close let’s go find them go ahead take him out oh yeah. i like this. i like this . we’re doing good you know . i’m just gonna send my hog rider oh oh. i think that might be perfect timing because. i don’t think his tombstones ready look at that mega minions down there doing a little bit of work but . again he doesn’t know that we have the Sparky which is going to absolutely shred anything that he drops off over here.we’ll go ahead . drop that down. i don’t think he has a lightning if he does . we’re in a little bit of trouble but . i’m not really too worried about    or this    bum . now that Sparky is going to do some good damage we’ll go ahead . get this mega menu down ah oh it’s data live please Oh . oh that makes me sad that makes me very sad that makes me very very sad alright we’re going for it oh what’s up oh nice. i like that a good bit yep get up a shot dang it man come back over here whoop there we go now watch this yeah oh my gosh that that was beautiful that’s game that’s game baby that is this hack  clash royle hack generator no survey android ios  this and –  and    right there you can’t do anything you can’t do anything Sparkie coming down . well. i guess you could do that but. i think the log doesn’t have damage right 11 10 seconds we’ll just go ahead cycle back through door zap yeah that’s what . i’m talking about . ha ha ha oh man this is a fun deck this is if. i will try one more . then. i got a call Nick . um he said oh hey . it’s me again moat all right cool let’s do one more here just to see how we can make it work.some of y’all are like well this is just a hog deck um yeah it is a hog deck but with a with a Sparkie as defense um which is awesome like is it working.well for me right now please drop off a scar me dang it like. i don’t even know if. i want to if. i want to zap this like yeah that was pointless oh please a drop off your giant alright good.we’ll go . just do this . go here . i’m not gonna let that bowl to get off any shots because bowlers actually do a good amount of damage um . . i’m not a fan of that get one shot off Mega minion alright alright here we go come on in here musketeer can you get in range of the tower please there you go . we’ll go ahead . take that out good what was that zap for um he has his bowler but . i’m gonna go ahead . do this . hogs gonna get off one shot . then we’re going to go ahead . log it all away yeah how he’s gonna get off one get away from there too nice it’s a hog out of two shots here we come with a Sparky now here’s the thing is probably a bowler lightning dead ..his lightnings gonna do some work right here but it will not kill hey come over here oh my gosh this is going to be an amazing little mega minion trail right here look at this . this is Laureus yes . then boom we’re coming in real hot with our hog rider . zap go go go go go all right cool we’re doing . we’re doing . here . not the best but hey we’re doing … i’m happy with it um Megha come over here all right cool yeah . i’m liking this . i’m liking that as well about Megaman you can get over there . get off a shot I’ll be super happy all no shot right there for the Mega but the ice golem is going to do some work not going to fully take it out but we can indeed go ahead . just do this . it will log all of that away . we can go ahead . zap . hopefully our he can get off a couple shots come on . cool cool cool we’re going to start our our start up our little build back here . . again watch this we’re gonna make the Mega minion to walk all the way over here . follow all of this yeah he’s gonna zap right there . i’m gonna go ahead . log it get that bowler out of here . there goes his lightning spell um let’s go right here Oh No zap get off one shot yes he got off a shot nice that was clutch that was clutch this is super close .. i don’t really like this right now go ahead . log this as well . then get off this . boom see if we can get over there zap. i was a bad zap oh you have to pull them towards the tower one shot there we go. i like this. i like this a lot come on baby let’s get this rolling all we need is zap . log . we’re good zap right here log what’s up how is this working . that’s my question for y’all taking it out there is another victory for you .. i hope that y’all enjoyed the video this was hilarious is a lot of fun playing with Sparky but what a thought huh. i wouldn’t have thought it but we won flawless in this video what’s up. i will see you . in next episode as always make sure you keep calm any clash on right pace

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