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what is up . we were are back with you again for another class trial episode . this one it’s going to get real well we got a lot of stuff to open all right let’s get these silver chest up . got dark Goblin out there nice nice go what we got in the free chest what we got in the free chest got some of that stuff don’t really care about you that deadly barbs are good we’ll start opening this but . you can tell from the thumbnail this is why we’re here right hey.we have the jungle arena value pack . you get a super magical chest 1200 gems in 10,000 gold for only nine dollars . ninety-nine cents what that is an insane value . times for value right there says in the top right corner such a good deal I’ll tell you what . i’m gonna start buying this put in my password we’ll come back once it’s done . see what we have . . . we are back all set purchases successful if. i could talk . we’re opening up the super magical chest what are we going to get we got some gold got some Giants let’s get some dark goblins out of this thing come on now Tesla . 39 dark goblins what we’ve almost got enough to give them up to level 7 oh my goodness that is awesome alright.now we’re going to go for legendary me 430 arrows . that’s a lot. i didn’t expect that many six tornadoes. i don’t know how many epics you get in this one hopefully we get some more epics. i think we’re going to get rares . then epics unfortunately. i don’t think we’re going to get legendary but let’s see let’s see yeah there’s the rares . now we’re going to get some more epic.what do we get bowlers that’s great now on a epic Sunday we request . bowlers hopefully we’ll pick another one up bowlers are great bowlers are super strong right now.this is what we got got those dark goblins got some bowlers got some tornado it’s got some good stuff man giant. i love using giant . all kinds of setup.starting off the video right didn’t get the legendary but that’s . because we got the super magical we at the gyms . we got the gold tell you what right now. i just want to do that real quick . i’m gonna go eat some crawfish because . i’m hungry . we got some crawfish. i don’t know if y’all like crawfish but. i love crawfish let me know in the comments if you like crawfish you know be like crawfish is the best would be like what’s the crawfish or you know we don’t like crawfish whatever it is let me know because. i love some crawfish . . i’m gonna go eat them right now . we’ll get back to this as soon as . i’m done . . we are back . . that crawfish was amazing but as you can see on the screen this is what we’re getting into right now we did that super magical chest had some crawfish had some fun. i did it. i did some more classic challenges . this is where we’re at . we’re at ten wins one loss. i want to do these last two wins together.